LT Story Intro

Girls were nothing but a game to me (Go). I had my fun and played around (Debut) but fell hard for the first time (When She Knows). I stuck by her through the good and the bad (Reassured) and loved her with all that I was (Last Phase) while she cheated on me with another guy (U Chose Him). As mad as I was at what she did (Crazy Mutha), I took her back because I just couldn’t let her go (Stuck), only to realize that I couldn’t forget (The Rest of Me). In time I’ve come to realize that all girls are the same (Jaded) and I won’t let myself go through that again. Never again. So now I just play around and have my fun (Damn), cuz girls ain't nothing but a game to me (Rush).

torsdag 1 oktober 2009

Lucas Teague Bio

Lucas Teague was born six years ago, in the summer of 2001. Since then this four member group, often referred as the 2nd coming of Jagged Edge, has over 30 original songs and countless live shows under their belt.

Using insightful social commentary on relationships as the backdrop for their mesmerizing sound and avant-garde harmonies, L Teague is picking up where Boys II Men left off, in what they believe is the truest test of a singer; the harmony. A traditional harmony requires five equally gifted singers, but when their quest for a elusive 5th member came up empty, Peter, Rich, Alex, & Greg agreed to name the fifth member LUCAS TEAGUE; which literally translates to bringer of light and knowledge to poetry. The Name stuck and Lucas Teague, the entity, became their safe haven which would allow them to share their real life experiences in complete anonymity, and for the benefit of their music; which they write, arrange and produce all in house.

Catapulting onto the scene after winning the prestigious Montreal MIX 96 SONG WRITING Competition in 2001, they represented Quebec at Canadian Music Week in Toronto, Canada; and they have not looked back since.

Arduously refraining from going with the ebbs and flows of the music business, they remained steadfast in their approach and ultimately stayed true to the only song writing process they know; singing from their souls.

Samples are forbidden in the Lucas Teague camp. Everything you hear from L Teague comes from a real place, not only meant to make you move your feet but also designed to enrich your soul in the exploration of the human experience.