LT Story Intro

Girls were nothing but a game to me (Go). I had my fun and played around (Debut) but fell hard for the first time (When She Knows). I stuck by her through the good and the bad (Reassured) and loved her with all that I was (Last Phase) while she cheated on me with another guy (U Chose Him). As mad as I was at what she did (Crazy Mutha), I took her back because I just couldn’t let her go (Stuck), only to realize that I couldn’t forget (The Rest of Me). In time I’ve come to realize that all girls are the same (Jaded) and I won’t let myself go through that again. Never again. So now I just play around and have my fun (Damn), cuz girls ain't nothing but a game to me (Rush).

onsdag 1 oktober 2008

You Makin Me Mad